My First Youtube Video

Hello There,

So i have been thinking and drafting down ideas for my first youtube Video. I found out very quick that recording videos, editing them and uploading them the way the YouTubers do is far from easy. I had a sit down to think of what i want my channel to be about. I think i spend most of my time thinking about what i want it to be about that i have been delaying it for two years now. I turned blind to my purpose, which is to motivate you guys and inspire you to be the best that you can be. I want to make people feel good about themselves, to have a plan, to get their lives to a place where no matter what they go through, they are happy.

So i will be recording a video based on my experiences and to encourage you guys too because in the very judgmental world we live in today, we all need a little encouragement, a pat on the shoulder when it’s needed and for someone to give us hope when all hope is gone. Well i am that girl and i will be sharing mostly what i have heard or my experiences. Hope you like it and please share so it can help others.

Thanks for reading

PS The video is down below

Palesa Neo Flower



Rainy night in Georgia by Brook Benton

Hey Friends.

I want to share something with you, my last post was about a song that reminded me of the toxic and dark parts of my previous relationship. This one is about the song that helped me through my son’s sickness. That was also one of the darkest moments of my life. I gave birth to Leano on the 2nd of July 2014. After two days of slow labour, he was here. I prepared so much for him, after all he was my first child. Little did I know that my difficult labour was a just the beginning. I took him home the next day. When he was just 2 days old, his paternal grandmother noticed that his eyes were somewhat yellow. It got worse as the night progressed. The next day I asked my mother if we can take him to the clinic, she told me to calm down and that kids usually get a little sick on the first few days after birth. I was not having it. We took him to a private clinic to be examined.

The Dr said he might have Jaundice. Something that most babies have and, that I should rush him to the hospital for treatment. The whole process at Baragwanath Hospital was just worse than hell. He got admitted….The first night was the hardest. I went home to an empty bed. That moment I felt like I lost my little boy and I could not stop crying. My father tried to calm me down and told me that my younger brother had it and he was ok. I was still not having it. I cried myself to sleep that night because I could literally hear his cries. The next few days I spent in that hospital like I had a full time job. From 7am to 7pm I was by his little side. Coming to think of it now, God was nowhere near my thoughts. I had to be strong for my little boy. After few tests things just got worse when I was told that my son had infantile meningitis. When I was told, I felt very light headed.

That kind of illness had a very bad reputation. Most of its hosts did not live long. I could not believe my ears. Again I told myself that I had to be strong for my little man. I would just spend time staring at him during the day. I don’t even remember what I had in mind that time. They told me that he needed 21 days of treatment. I didn’t care how long it took, as long as I took him home.

We were transferred to Selby hospital when he was just 7 days old. Things were different there. The stuff friendlier and the environment were better than that of Baragwanath. The first day of treatment was horrible, I could see that the treatment they gave him burnt or something because he cried. The worst was when he had a drip in his head. That was very traumatic but I was holding on. My son then had colic, I don’t remember getting enough sleep after that. I would have had to watch him constantly. To soothe him to sleep, I would play this song and he would sleep soundly.

I fell inlove with the song because I would watch him sleep while it played softly next to him. This has a happy ending though; today he is a healthy and happy 4 year old. I think somehow music play a big role in our lives and it helps us through difficult times too.

Till the next post


Say something I’m giving up on you by A great big world

Hey guys,

I want to share something with you…something personal. This song has only one memory attached to it…just one. I remember going through a very difficult time in my relationship that made me feel stuck. You know when you feel that you have tried everything but nothing seems to work?….You know the relationship is over but you try so hard to hold on for dear life. This song was a sign that I need to let go and move on. I did not listen to this song during the difficult time nor was it in my mind during that time.It was in my dream.

I am performing a contemporary piece in a studio. I am dancing to this song but at the same time, I am watching myself dance with a broken heart…tears in my eyes…just…pain. I was dancing with my soul. This dream had me crying for a long time thereafter. I could not get over how it felt to watch myself dance with such sadness…such pain. It was like the helicopter view method: The method where you see yourself through the eyes of someone else. I had to get out. Love is not supposed to feel that way or to be that way. I knew that love was was very beautiful. But what I felt at the moment was nothing but pain…my heart beyond broken. Even though I will never forget that dream but I am glad that it happened because after that I made all attempts necessary to rescue myself.

I knew that I deserved better so I stood up from that fall and walked towards what I knew as something better. If you are going through a tough time, sometimes its not wise to hold on to something that is dead. Your happiness counts too. God is love and love is a very beautiful thing. If there is nothing beautiful about your relationship then it’s not love.

Stay blessed


Product Review: Yardley Foundation


Hello hello,

This post has been long over due. I’ve beeeen wanting to post a review on this product that i have been using for a little while. I was looking around for a foundation that will help cover my acne scars. This product is good. I wasn’t sure about the “light coverage” that it offers because judging from the youtube videos i have watched, most used foundations that shows not even a pimple. I applied it on my skin at night to test it out ( who wants to go to work looking like a zombie if it wasn’t for you skin tone?) lol so it was good. My acne scarring are not very dark. I think it’s because of all the home remedies that i have tried on my skin that helped me with this.

If your acne scars are darker or lighter i suggest you find a foundation that will work for you. What you can do is get samples from make up stores or ask make up consultants for advice on which foundation would best suit your skin tone and type. Do enjoy your Monday. Till the next post byeeeee

xxxxxx Thegiftedfireflower

Movie Review: Sometimes in April (2005)


Cast: Idris Elba, Carole Karemera, Pamela Nomvete

Director: Raola Peck

Plot: Movie about the Rwandan genocide


I watched this movie a while back but I never really give it my attention. One day, after reading a lot about the Rwandan genocide, I have decided to finally watch the movie. I feel really sad about this disaster. I read a lot about it but I never really understood how this all happened and the role the UN played in keeping the peace. The genocide happened against the Tutsi by the Hutu. The Tutsi were the minority but wealthier than the Hutu.

The genocide happened in 100 days in April 1994. I watched Hotel Rwanda but nothing prepared me for this movie. I got to give it to Idris Elba for his acting skills. His talent just leaves me emotional. His brother is in prison for taking part in the genocide. We get to see bits and pieces of what happened during this time. This movie made me feel sad, angry and very paranoid. Imagine getting killed by your neighbors. I read a poem in high school that talked about “good fences make good neighbors”. In this case I would totally agree.


The movie is graphic and the suspense is over the top OMG. I honestly wish that it was just a movie. That all that did not happen that it was some guy’s imagination to try to create some horror. It’s sad how cruel people can be and how you can never be too careful. What I love about this movie is that its very informative and if you are a visual person like me then you will learn with ease. It is not easy to see all those bodies deteriorating on the ground and a little boy sitting next to his dead relatives. It is so sad.

It’s a nice movie and if you want to know more about the genocide than you can watch it on YouTube.

The gifted fireflower

Major League: My experience

After years of postponing, i decided that this year will be the year that i attend the major league and see what happens. I almost did not go because of my own doubts but then i have a sister who made it a point that i attend this event. I went there with an open mind because i did not know what to expect. After the struggle of the Rea Vaya bus that did not stop at the fnb station because the driver said that he was not told that he needed to stop at that station. What a wow. After a few minutes, we got to the event. I got excited as we walk in. The security there is as tight as a jean you outgrew. There were like 3 entrances that we needed to pass. The security searching us and our bags etc. We got in to buy a little juice “na mean”. The juice was so expensive though. The 6 pack that we wanted to booze up was R150. We bought it anyway cause we were feeling the vibe.

People were up and down, talking, laughing and chatting away when Cassper Nyovest was performing. I am not sure but i think it started getting dark during his performance. I was with my cousin and a friend. I went looking for my cousin as she ran towards the stage after she heard Cassper performing “Tito Mboweni” sha sha *nay nays. I found myself dancing and singing along. We then bumped into the Diski Divas Thato and Chabi. Later that day Ntando Duma was on stage. The girl has moves for sure and she knows how to get the vibe going. Then something happened…..wait for it…SOMIZI. I say Somgaga was on stage. He looked like a star and kept giving away his clothing and all. I was just so excited. Somehow i forgot that someone told me that BLACK MOTION will be on stage. I just found myself dancing to a weird house track with drums.

I was like “wait a minute” is that black motion. My friend was like YASS. I could not believe my ears. I told my sister and my cousin that if black motion plays my song, i will NOT be there with them. They were like “girl please, whose going to be here” hahaha. We then decided to all go stand by the stage and enjoy the music. Guys black motion are the eish eish eish. They would be a reason why i would go to a concert again. The way they were performing! These guys are talented and awesome. Davido was the cherry on top. He was fantastic and out of this world. All in all, it was an awesome experience and i would do it again (except the setbacks i had to go through). hahaha

REVIEW: Teeth whitening home remedies

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Hey hey,


Having discoloured teeth can lead to low self esteem. We all want to have that sparkling smile that glow and yet not all of us can afford all these expensive teeth whitening kits or the dentist. I went online to look for ways in which we can brighten our teeth without spending way over our budget. Ofcourse I had to try a lot of things before I found something that I am completely comfortable with and something that I love. Going on youtube I found A LOT. From turmeric to lemon and strawberry.

Here are some of the options that you can try:

  1. Strawberry and baking soda.-I think you have to mix this into a paste then you brush your teeth gently for two minutes. After that, you rinse with luke warm water. I have not tried this method yet but you can try it ahead of me and let me know.
  2. Lemon and baking powder- I can not remember where I got this one from but lemon freaks me out so I shy away abit. You can try this one and let me know what you think
  3. Banana peel- After eating a banana, you rub the peels on your teeth and leave it for few minutes then rinse. I have tried this and I do not like it at all. Its so uncomfortable but my teeth felt really clean.
  4. Tumeric- This one is the one I love. I do it almost every day which might not be wise. I think you can do this once or twice a week. My teeth feels so good and I notice the difference after I brush my teeth. The only thing that I do not like is the taste. Tumeric alone does not taste good. You just take a small amount of powder and dip your toothbrush in it then brush your teeth for two minutes. Be warned that turmeric will stain your toothbrush.
  5. Apple cider vinegar- Last is this magical vinegar. You add it to a cup of water and use it to rinse your mouth before you brush your teeth. I will try this very soon.

Which home remedies have you heard about. Let me know xx

Smile, you alive